11-year-old: Alfred Hitchcock is a genius

Alfred Hitchcock on the "Psycho" set holding a clapboard
Alfred Hitchcock on the “Psycho” set.

When you think of an Alfred Hitchcock fan, who comes to mind? Perhaps you envision a Baby Boomer film fanatic who’s scrutinized every movie and every scene. Maybe a college film major comes to mind. But what about an 11-year-old kid?

Yesterday, my daughter (her dad and I call her “B”) came home while I was watching “Psycho” and watched the end of it with me. She was so interested, she wanted to watch the whole thing. So we did. AND she found Hitch on the first viewing. I’ve seen “Psycho” countless times, and I hadn’t seen him yet!

Her response to seeing him before I did? “You’re welcome,” said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

When I asked her what she thought of “Psycho,” she said, “Pure genius and awesomeness to the fullest. It’s genius because of the stuff with the mother and Norman. Like him keeping her room preserved like she’s still alive, carrying her down the stairs [with the two of them talking], and how he becomes his mother in her clothes.”

After the movie ended, she couldn’t wait to watch another of Hitchcock’s films. So we watched “Vertigo.” B loved that one, too.


Movie poster for “Rear Window.”

Tonight her dad and I let her stay up past her bedtime to finish the last 20 minutes of “Rear Window.” You can’t get that far into the movie and just turn it off. Not when Grace Kelly is about to break into the apartment!


I’m not surprised she digs these films. She appreciates classic films as much as she does the usual tween fare. She may love Disney Channel Movies (currently “The Descendants 2” and “Zombies”), but one of her very favorite movies is “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Seriously, how many kids do you know who know who Marilyn Monroe is? And how many of them dressed as her for Halloween? (That was three years ago.)

B is also a fan of silent films. Again, she makes her mama proud. When I was watching “Little Annie Rooney,” she started out complaining because it wasn’t just silent, it was in black and white! But as the movie went along, she became as entranced as I was by Mary Pickford. Now she’s open to watching silents and is a Harold Lloyd fan now, too.

The kid has gone to bed now. Maybe she’s dreaming of dear Mother or suspicious neighbors across the way. Tomorrow night she might dream of being chased by a plane. Our next stop on our Hitchcock adventures? “North by Northwest.”

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